Eurokomerc - Partner of Trust

Evrokomerc Company Ltd. was established in 1989. Its main activity is design and production of pneumatic HYDRAULIC PIPELINE ALL PURPOSE (hydraulic oil, fuel, air and water).

In the early years of EVROKOMERC done only installation of flexible pipe connections, mostly in cooperation with the firm FADIP-IFC from Stari Bečej. In the nineties, a period of exceptional difficulty for the whole country, company management makes a brave decision on the necessity of further development. They moved into an independent development of all types of connections needed for installation of pipelines. This proves the purchase of the latest generation of CNC equipment from Switzerland, which is involved in production in early 2010.

In an effort to become the market leader in the production of connection and piping for  the pneumatics and hydraulics, works closely with:

• Institute Kirilo Savic, Belgrade

• IMS Institute, Belgrade

• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Niš

• Fakulty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade - Department of Quality Management 

Each employee in Eurokomercu is part of a team whose work is characterized by a high level of professionalism, creativity and efficiency.