1. Cooperation with Military of Republic Of Serbia

    EUROKOMERC Company Ltd. is now ready to fully meet the needs of AF Serbian Army, winning the next homologizujući quality flexible pipeline: MIL-H-6000-6851-LN SORS 9227 MIL-H-8794-6850-LN SORS 9226 MIL-H-8788-6849-LN SORS 9225 MIL-H-5593-6852-LN SORS 9228 MIL-H-27 267 (teflon) MIL-H-3936 (teflon) In addition, we are able to fully equip pipelines following aircraft: MIG 29 - fighter air craft MIG 21 - fighter air craft ANTONOV AN-26 - tran... 15. May 2012.

  2. Civil aviation directorate of the Republic of Serbia

    Company Eurokomerc Ltd has a approval to perform activities for the production of Aircraft hose assemblies for high and low pressure, which was issued by the Civil aviation directorate of the Republic of Serbia. Check the full pdf document also  here > 06. Apr 2012.